Rural Tourism

Villages in the foothills of tame Bjelasica mountain, in the valleys of rivers Tara and Lim, are among the most beautiful in Montenegro. It is not just the beauty of the landscape, all those mountain pearls of this area- high peaks covered with snow, thick ancient forests, meadows and pastures, abundance of springs and small rivers- but also the compactness of the houses in the villages and preserved traditional architecture. They are also well known for their hard working, extremely hospitable, amicable and warm hosts, and exquisite food.

Villages of Lubnice (in the municipality of Berane), Bistrica (Bijelo Polje) and Lipovo not far from the town of Kolasin are since a long time ago well known among mountaineers and nature lovers. Roads, hiking and biking trails towards attractive tourism destinations (peaks and lakes of Bjelasica and Sinjajevina, ancient monasteries and old bridges, fly fishing areas, caves…) lead through them. Guests and passers-by could always get supplies from the hosts there, and now there is a possibility to stay overnight or longer in the households.

These are mild, fertile landscapes. Mountains of Montenegro you might already remember by fantastic smell and taste of wild strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. All that you could find and pick yourselves in surrounding forests and in the meadows, you will be offered by the hosts in Lipovo, Bistrica and Lubnice, but transformed into juices and jams. You will also remember their orchards. And then their honey and well known layered cheese. Dishes made from corn ground on stone.

You will remember their pies and cakes, homemade brandy that you might find too strong only at first sip. Coffee here will also be new and different. As it is also the case with the first morning glance towards the sky and the world, through a hundred years old wooden or stone house window.

And it is quite possible that what you will be remember most are the hosts. They will gladly accept your help in the stables or in the field, reveal to you the secret of making the cheese from layers as thin as paper and yogurt so thick one cold cut it with a knife. They will tell you, something you will probably also realize by yourselves, that they are extremely rich- for they have children. Three, four, five children. Harmony, joy and beauty of their closely knit families, bonded with love and mutual respect, a well as harmony with the nature and respect for it, will have a healing and refreshing impact on you. It will also make you rich and happy.