The people in Lubnice are special, smart in their own unique way and very witty. And they have to be like that when their village is also special: started a long time ago, on a special, tucked in place where three mountain rivers, Jelovica, Gunjara and Suvodo meet to create the fourth – Bistrica. On a plane at an altitude of around 800m above sea level, surrounded with peaks towards which now many roads and trails lead, the soil is soft and fertile, and the inhabitants besides agriculture also do the wood processing. Making barrels and other wooden containers is an old craft in Lubnice. Traditional architecture is preserved here, there are some 20 old wooden houses that are a true decoration of the village. The people here recommend that the visitors, besides Jelovica- a popular outing for the people from Berane and the area, visit Sisko lake on Bjelasica. They will tell them a legend about Zupan cave, interesting stories on settlers, ancestors and descendants. Lubnice village has so many authentic and valuable things that it can become a brand- rivers, lakes, forests, herbs and forest fruits, mushrooms…and great hosts. Special also for their hospitality.

Ah, yes…part of the story about Lubnice is also the road that leads from Berane to the village, following the river. It is romantic in winter, roofed with branches of trees with snow, and in summer, when it is as made for excursions. This road also has its own guardian rock, and the rock bears a lovely name Zdravac (by a plant growing in the area).