Biking Trails

Three biking trails on the territory of Berane, Mojkovac and Kolasin connect villages, katuns, mountain huts and cultural monuments. One reveals the wonders of tame, fertile Polimlje, the other the fairy mountain of Bjelasica and the third the wobbly, mystic areas of Sinjajevina and the ancient life of cattlemen on the mountain. These are one day tours. The length of each of them is around twenty kilometres. Nevertheless, it might even be better to spend the night in a mountain hut or in the katun and enjoy also on the way back. Aside from occasional sharp ascents, your biggest problem on these tours will be the pedal stopping beauty, tempting detours and paths that drag you their way. The roads are of descent quality, mostly gravel. The trails are signposted and with accessories (benches, dustbins). In town centres there are info boards with drawn maps and configuration of the terrain. GPS data of the routes can be found on the web pages and