Biking Trail Berane

Budimlja – Banjevac

Length: 22,25
Starting altitude: 684masl
Highest altitude: 843masl

This biking trail passes through most of the countryside area of the municipality of Berane. Those are areas of exceptional beauty, mild green landscapes of Lim valley. Parts of the trail pass through forests, across small interesting bridges and plains along the river. There are nice houses in the villages, both traditional and new. What might be interesting is that along the main road, there are many smaller joining forest and other paths and it might happen that charmed with beauty, while taking photos, one wonders of to some other side.

But do not worry, the locals are extremely hospitable and kindhearted, and they will gladly help you find your way out of the maize. Start of the route is on the 4th kilometre from the centre of the town. There are sections with gravel road, and occasionally some bad asphalt. The route crosses the main road twice, and caution is recommended. There is only one more difficult ascent. The route ends at the spot were the road to Lubnice and Bjelasica branches off to the left, and the road to Berane to the right. Here the route joins one of the national biking trails “Top Trail 3“ that is coming from the direction of Lubnice.