Regional Routes

Top Biking Trail 1 – Salty and Sweet

From Herceg Novi to the Austro-Hungarian Machu Picchu, through a labyrinth of paths along which the aristocrats of Europe strutted around, and along the old caravan roads to the secret vantage points above the canyons which do not expect us, tickling the heights on the epic ascents and falling into the depths along the endless downhill sections, rushing for the underground rivers and running away from the lake devils, wandering from the highest town in the Balkans to the highest mausoleum in the world, from the Montenegrin Tibet to the Montenegrin Atlantis, searching on behalf of Sherlock Holmes for the M letter hidden within 25 crazy serpentines which collapse into the southernmost fjord of Europe, and all that while eating meat dried on the whirlwind of air streams from the mountains and sea, and tasting, without end or measure, the greenery, sky and blueness – on this route we will touch an authentic Montenegro, and get to know better its essence and soul.


Top Biking Trail 2 – North Discoveries

From remote deserted borders to sophisticated evening promenades. Descent into the basements of Montenegro and epic ascents to the clouds, along the highest roads in Montenegro. The bridges which contemplate and the bridges which unleashed from human experience. Collecting the ethno villages. Ride in the crown of Mt Durmitor. Ride in the crown of Mt Bjelasica. The Montenegrin monasteries, the Russian nuns. Visit to a traditional shopping mall. Enjoying a kafiloza (coffe and loza (Montenegrin brandy)). From canyon to canyon, from vista to vista, day after day – to close our open circles…

Top Biking Trail 3 – Eastern Enchantment

The three-hundred-kilometre long “Top Trail 3” biking route will introduce the inquisitive, discovery-thirsty two-wheel traveller to the landscapes of eastern Montenegro, bordered to the northwest by Mojkovac and Mt. Bjelasica, to the southwest by Mt. Komovi, to the south by the valley of Plav, Plavsko Lake, Krs Bogicevice, Hridsko Lake and the Albanian border, to the east and northeast by Mt. Hajla, the border with Kosovo and the small town of Rozaje, and to the north by Berane.
It is a place where the heights and distant views are intertwined with mysterious forests and valleys, and the landscapes change, different as though hundreds of kilometres apart. From the solitude of the mountains to the tamed, inhabited areas, from vast green spaces to the deep blue of rivers and lakes, from rocks and cliffs to meadows – this is all on the menu for this great feast, which will leave no one indifferent or in want of long-lasting memories.

Top Biking Trail 4 – Beskrajni pejzaži

From the old royal capital grown in the sea of stone to Atlantis sunk in the sea of grass. A course of semoljology (Interested to graduate in this science? See below…) according to a timetable set by the blasting time in a mine. Rolling along a route on which the monastery stone has been passed from hand to hand. Crossing over the canyon in which sun and look do not reach. From waterless villages in which rainwater is drunk, to villages flowing with milk (and honey, as well). Along the magical circuit of Durmitor to the highest town in the Balkans. Montenegrin Tibet, without the Buddhists/with clotted cream, smoked ham and fresh flat bread. From the cradle of the Tara River to the nymph lake, then from sky to earth via the ancient Medun (Medeon).

Top Biking Trail 5 – The Stories by the Waters

From the pancakes of King Nikola, via the southernmost fiord of Europe, to the swamps of Louisiana. Sleeping on the tower which rules the sunny distances. Along the largest lake in the Balkans, through a magical forest of chestnut and the capital of the pirates, to the nudist beach and the oldest tree in Europe. Can happiness be wet and salty, tingle in the eyes?