Free Climbing

Free climbing is just being developed in Montenegro. Nevertheless, the aficionados of this adventure sport in the world already know about our climbing areas on attractive locations.

The arranged climbing areas exist in Podgorica (a small village of Smokovac and Ljubovic hill), in Niksic near the Ostrog Monastery and in the village of Povija, in Kotor above the bus station, in Ljuta and Dobrota. Than in Biocinovici (Kolasin) and in Gusinje.

Now, everyone who is into free climbing has a chance to get to know more than ninety new climbing routes in Kolasin, Mojkovac and Berane.

The locations of these climbing areas are easily accessible by solid roads and at the same time offer everything that climbing fans search for and expect.

All three mountain sites are gorgeous and unite what seem to be opposites at first sight: the unspoiled strength of the wild and modest, tame docility; the vicinity of civilization (accommodation, food) and total seclusion from it. They provide peace consisting of barely audible river flow and unobtrusive bird tweet in the forest. All those are great preconditions for a focus and a kind of meditation when climbing, for giving oneself up to the challenges of the unknown space.

Coming to this mountain area for free climbing may easily turn into a longer stay. Near the arranged rocks there are many hiking and biking tails, starting points for rafting and kayaking, fishing areas, lakes of Biogradska Gora National Park, villages with preserved traditional architecture, old monasteries. With accommodation to ones liking, a good argument for a day longer here is also- homemade cuisine.