Hiking Trails

Hiking trails in the area of Berane, Bijelo Polje, Kolasin and Mojkovac, in the close surroundings of these towns, are not challenging and depending on the profile of the tourists may be walked within one morning, or entire day. Length of each trail is less than ten kilometres.

Along narrow paths through meadows and pastures, on gravel and asphalt, through birch and pine forests, filling your eyes and soul with gorgeous views on high mountains and valleys that are home to towns, through summer cattlemen settlements…you will get to know four different mountain worlds.

It can easily turn out that your recreational tour lasts longer than you expected, for it is not always going to be easy to turn down the invitations for a glass of rakija and a conversation by hosts, or a promising and tempting side trail, or the whisper of beech or pine forest, yarrow flower in the meadow, birds singing, forest strawberries…

No matter how long your tour takes, it will be pleasant in every sense. Your body will be filled with lightness and your soul with beauty, cheerfulness and strength.

There are viewpoints arranged on the trails with a desk and benches protected with a roof and they are used as local picnic sites.

In town centres there are info boards with drawn maps and configuration of the terrain. GPS data of the routes can be found on the web page www.bjelasica-komovi.me.