Hiking Trail Berane

Sudikova – Skakavac

Length: 7 km
Starting altitude: 670masl
Highest altitude: 950 masl

The trail’s start is at the gate of the reconstructed ancient monastery Sudikova and leads along a mild upward slope through the forest to the village of Maste.

From there, after a few village crossroads and wooden fences around the estates, the trail leads to the beginning of the village Dragosava, but here it turns towards the wooded hills across which the forest path goes all the way to Skakavac. It is truly a magical place, unique for its gorgeous waterfall, magnificent and mild at the same time, just like the people living there.

The beginning of the trail is very interesting. Sudikova Monastery, for centuries the cultural and spiritual centre of Polimlje, is hidden at the very entrance of Tifran gorge. Built most probably during 14th century, the monastery is also known by occasional water well believed to have healing power- Sveto vrelo (Holly Well).