Hiking Trail Bijelo Polje

Obrov RoundTrail

Length: 7,49 km
Starting altitude: 593masl
Highest altitude: 1007masl

Bijelo Polje is called “the town under Obrov”. The start of this hiking trail is at the foot of Obrov.

The first viewpoint is at the third kilometre and one can see the whole town of Bijelo Polje on one side and the slopes of Pester plateau on the other. The view on town and its surroundings is constant during the whole ascent to Obrov.

The path to the top of Obrov leads to the place where the TV transmitter is placed. At the very peak (Cokotin) there is a marble signpost showing us the directions and distances to surrounding places and mountains that are visible from the peak.

During the descent the path goes though a young oak forest and than joins the gravel road again, the one that will lead us to asphalt, and than back to the foot of Obrov where we started from.