Hiking Trail Mojkovac


Length: 9.24 km
Starting altitude: 1713 masl
Highest altitude: 1863 masl

Extraordinarily beautiful, unforgettable mountain route. It could be named “Through the katuns of Sinjajevina” or “Wonderful world of Sinjajevina”. It begins at the 22nd kilometre from Mojkovac, at Ruzica church on Sinjajevina.

The church is also a good orienteering point, and one can always find some of the locals there.

From the church, one goes into “the land of katuns (summer cattlemen settlements)”. One kilometre from the start there is a water source where the supplies of water should be filled since there is no place with drinking water until the end of the tour.

Through the crystal mountain air and wast areas with low grass and pointy rocks, from one katun to another, from Knez-do to Alacka and Ckara. Not far from Alacka (at the middle of the tour) there is a viewpoint that offers the view on Bjelasica, Komovi, Prokletije, Moracke mountains, as well as other peaks of Sinjajevina.
The other line of viewpoints is on Sancevi, at the 7th kilometre from the start. From there one can also see Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije on one side and mountains of Serbia on the other.
And just when you think – more than enough peaks and views for one mountain route – another surprise at the highest point on this tour, at 1863masl at just 200m from previous one. Another gift – the view on the surroundings and the area of Biogradska Gora National Park. And only after that one can summarize impressions and rest in the Mountain Hut at Ckara, hidden in the valley.


Sinjajevina is the largest pasture in Montenegro. Therefore, for the cattle breeders, which once were almost all the countries’ inhabitants, it is the greatest asset. It was always known which part was claimed by which clan. Sinjajevina spreads in the direction Southeast – Northwest. It is average 15km wide. Its length is 40 kilometres. Beside the joy of passing through or staying in katuns it offers the same feeling as of reaching the highest peaks, since there are several ones. The highest is Jablanov vrh, 2.203 masl., followed by Veliki Pećarac 2.042, Starac 2.022, Korman 1,923 masl.