Speleological Objects in Berane

Zupan Cave

Lubnice, Zupan
Altitude, entrance:1205 m
Length: 1160 m
Depth: 22,50 m

The longest cave in the municipality of Berane, with a large number of natural values, also with great archeological, paleontological and biological significance. Up to now, 1160 meters of tunnels in the cave have been measured, and there are still some unresearched directions. The depth of the cave is around 20 metres, and the difference in altitude 30 meters.

The entrance is around 20 meters wide and 100 metres long. The tunnel then branches of in several directions. The bones of the prehistoric bear were found in this cave. Also, the subspecies Anthroherpon taxi remyi, described by French biologist Rene Jeannel was found here in 1931. Zupan cave is the typical site of this subspecies. A. taxi remyi is found only in the nearby Bracanovica cave and nowhere else in the world.