Speleological Objects in Bijelo Polje

Pecina nad Vrazjim firovima (Cave over Devil’s Pools)

Djalovica gorge
Altitude: 820
Length:17.500 m

Pecina nad vrazjim firovima (The Cave on Devil’s Pools) (Djalovica cave) is one of the most beautiful caves in Europe. It is the longest cave in Montenegro, and after 25 years of research more than 17 km is revealed.

The cave consists of a large number of tunnels, hallways and galleries. From the spacious entrance, the road leads through the inhospitable “Lakes’ channel” with 15 permanent and between twenty and thirty occasional lakes. What comes next are “Big” and “Small Maze”, the intertwining of around fifteen tunnels of various dimensions. Many consider this part of the cave to be the most beautiful, since it host the largest number of cave decorations of different sizes and shapes. The great channel dominates other parts of the cave with its dimensions. Average width of the channel is 8 meters, although it reaches even 20m, and average height is 20m, although there are spots where the height reaches 60m, a space high enough to fit a 20 stories building into.

What deserves special admiration is the grand “Cathedral” hall, with the stalagmite 18meters high. The fourth sector is abundant with water, but also with high concentration of cave decorations. This sector also has a very beautiful, six meters high waterfall.


Novakovica cave

Muslici, Novakovica rocks
Altitude: 903
Length 605
Depth 34 m

Novakovica cave is listed among the most significant speleological objects in Montenegro. It is declared the protected natural area.

It is situated at 28 kilometres from Bijelo Polje, in the hearth of Vraneska valley. The population living nearby, because of a large number of intertwined tunnels, feared entering the cave and many legends about curious visitors hopelessly, trying to find the way out added to the fear. Nevertheless, the wish to discover the hidden (and never discovered) treasure that is the subject of many tales and legends was stronger than fear. What is interesting is that the research also proved the fear to be without grounds: all tunnels are circular and join the main tunnel again.

The entrance is narrow (1,8m wide, 0,65m high) and the cave is easy to go through.

Osoja cave

Dobrakovo, Gradinski krs
Altitude, entrance: 869
Length: 314
Depth: 83 m

Osoja cave is one of the most beautiful in the municipality of Bijelo Polje, and because of the vicinity of the main road has a great tourism potential.

After a hundred meters of a muddy tunnel not easy to go through (rope and speleogical equipment necessary), one enters the “Snow Man” hall, its central part dominated by a huge, six meters high statue of a Yeti. The hall is at the depth of 44 metres, it is 55 meters long, from 5 to 10 meters wide and from 9 to 13 meters high. Apart from the Yeti statue, there are many other cave decorations. One of the chambers hosts very interesting helactites, spreading irregularly, in all directions.